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Cookies as personal information

The user determines in his browser settings whether the browser should allow the website to store cookies on the end device. This setting can be considered as consent to the processing of personal data . You can revoke your processing at any time by changing your browser settings.

Third-party cookies

We also use a variety of services from our partners who also use cookies, we currently use Google Analytics .

How to check cookie settings in different browsers

For information on setting up a specific browser, visit the following addresses:

What are cookies?

A cookie (English cookie, wafer, biscuit) in HTTP is a small amount of data that an Internet server sends to a browser that stores it on a user’s computer.
Each time you visit the same server, the browser sends this data back to the server.
Cookies are usually used to distinguish individual users (for example, a logged-in user is identified by means of a cookie), user preferences, etc. are stored in them, thus simplifying the use of websites.

Cookies are stored on the client (user) side as short text files.

Cookies pose no danger to your computer as a whole. Nevertheless, cookies are important for privacy.
The visited website can store in cookies any information that it finds out about the visitor, and can thus gradually find out the interests of a particular visitor.
However, in no case can cookies be used to identify visitors (unless it is a logged-in user who provides their personal data when registering & # 8211; which is optional, personal data is not required for registration).

Information from cookies can later be used for targeted advertising, statistical evaluation of visitor behavior, etc., even without the visitor’s knowledge.
However, this information can be obtained without cookies, so its use cannot be considered particularly dangerous.